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In a future postapocalyptic America ruled by a fascist televangelist, young thief Joe and his brother agree to help pretty Mila and her sister find an ancient artifact that could change everything.

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original title: Rising Storm

genge: Action,Comedy,Sci-Fi

imdb: 3.9

duration: 1h 35min

keywords: squeezingmanbythetesticles, rebellion, unearthed, humanskeleton, radiodj, prison, televangelist, pettycriminal, dictatorship, freedomfighter, sistersisterrelationship, dictator, stormtrooper, poverty,

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The year is 2099. The United States is ruled by the Reverend Jimmy Joe II, in a dictatorship where big guns and fundamentalist religion are used to keep the masses in control. The Reverend's troopers patrol the streets and the slums with assault rifles, ready to prevent any trouble from the revolutionary Kropfelders. Joe Gage and his brother Artie are petty criminals, involved in illegal vitamin trading and smuggling refugees into Mexico. Their business takes a downturn during Joe's stay in prison, and they find themselves without gainful employment. During an altercation in a flophouse, they meet up with Mila and Blaise Hart - two antique hunters who are looking for muscle to protect them while they do a little freelance archeology. With the promise of valuable memorabilia from the Twentieth Century, the Gages go with the two sisters as they follow their treasure map. But they cannot avoid attention from the Reverend's troopers - and after a while, Joe begins to suspect that there is more to the sisters' hunt than they have been told... In a future postapocalyptic America ruled by a fascist televangelist, young thief Joe and his brother agree to help pretty Mila and her sister find an ancient artifact that could change everything. Rising Storm is an all around excellent film. A post-apocalyptic, satirical, B movie that no true movie buff should miss. If you've gone beyond the thunder dome with cherry 2000 and helped the ice pirates destroy Jared Syn, then this is definitely for you. Rising Storm is a low budget straight-to-video sci-fi comedy which I guess really should be more and more of a cult classic. There are obvious weaknesses to this film, but it is really funny from time to time.

We're in a pot apocalyptic USA in the fascist year of the Lord 2099. Yeah, just that. The States are ruled by a fascist TV-preacher which says the world was ruined by rock music a 100 years ago, and one DJ in particular, Eliot Kropfeld, is to be blamed. The main goal is to get a video tape on TV on "National TV- viewing day" where everyone is forced to watch TV.

Quite insane plot, but nevertheless this film manages to give some good messages of our live back in 1989, or even today. Excavations they do, even brings up rubber dildos (believe to be hand grenades), VHS and music from The Animals (It's my life...) And plastic cards are referred to as "a thing which made poor people rich".

The film uses cliche's from action- and war movies as well, and you'll find nods to films like 1984, Alien, A Clockwork Orange, Mad Max a.s.o. I really think that this film must have been inspired Starship Troppers as well. At lest there are some things which resembles in the film making.

The start of the movie troubles to find the pace, but then slowly the film finds it's form, and get more and more enjoyable. Cheesy, yes. But then it's supposed to be, isn't it!?

If this film had Arnold Schwarzenegger in the lead and a bigger budget, it would have been a sci-f classic.

Recommended cult watching!


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